WATCH: MSNBC Reporter AMBUSHES Mueller As He Leaves Church

An MSNBC reporter ambushed former Special Counsel Robert Mueller as he left church on Easter Sunday, peppering him with a barrage of question about testifying before Congress.

Town Hall reported that the mainstream media – really, we should call them the lamestream media – kept pushing the idea of “collusion! collusion! collusion!” and were ultimately proved wrong. CNN and MSNBC were two of the leading charges on that front. Still, even after the Mueller report has been released, they’re not happy with the findings. Because nothing was found.

MSNBC “reporter” Mike Viqueira decided to ambush Special Counsel Robert Mueller outside of his church… on Easter Sunday… to ask if he’d testify before Congress.

“If he were anybody but the president, would Mr. Trump be indicted, sir?” Viqueira asked. “Why didn’t you make a recommendation one way or another?”

Apparently it’s too hard for the these journalists to get it through their thick skull that no collusion took place. No. Collusion. No obstruction was found. Say it with me. No. Obstruction.

Watch the video: