WATCH: MSNBC host quotes activist who called Mt. Rushmore “A Symbol of White Supremacy”

MSNBC host Tiffany Cross blasted President Trump’s Mt. Rushmore event for its location and also called July 4th itself a celebration of “independence for white men.”

Cross also quotes a Native American activist who called Mt. Rushmore as ‘a symbol of white supremacy.’

Cross prefaced the video on her Facebook page by writing:

I wanted to open #AMJoy with some truth on the heels of #Trump’s shameful rallying call to his fellow white supremacists. What does #independenceday mean to the indigenous? Or to the descendants of the enslaved?Thank you @joyannreid for the space. 🙏🏽

Tiffany Cross: (4:20 in video)

And so, here we are, celebrating the birth of a nation.  Independence for white men at a site described by one Native American activist as, quote, ‘a symbol of white supremacy.’

Trump choosing Mt. Rushmore for a Fourth of July campaign stop just is like when he chose Tulsa, the site of the 1921 massacre against black Americans for his Juneteenth weekend rally.

It’s that cruel, tired and familiar jab to black, brown and indigenous people that makes the shrinking MAGA voter feel as big as a 60-foot face of a colonizing slave owner.