WATCH: MSNBC Anchor “The right is running a smear campaign against” Biden

In a recent segment, MSNBC anchor Nicole Wallace accused “the right” of “running a smear campaign against Joe Biden”

Nicole Wallace:

Let me say this having once been a part of the Republican Party, the right isn’t running an intellectually honest operation to get to the bottom of whether Tara Reade was victimized. The right is running a smear campaign against Joe Biden.

The right wants to create some sort of equal playing field on which Donald Trump’s more than or nearly two dozen accusers have some company on the other side. The right is not running the same operation that the Democrats are running, which is to try to — as you just articulated, Andrea — to have some consistency around statements that I think just about every elected Democrat has made about women in the context of the #MeToo movement. So as I said with Kayleigh McEnany, everyone should proceed with caution about statements made around this on the right.

Former Vice President Joe Biden joined “Morning Joe” Friday morning to address the allegations by Tara Reade head on for the first time.