WATCH: MSBNC Reporter Can’t Stop Laughing After Kamala Harris Rips Trump’s Leadership

It’s no secret to conservatives that MSNBC’s audience and programming is decidedly tilted for liberals.

However, this example is truly a sight to see.

MRC reports during a softball interview with Democratic California Senator Kamala Harris on Thursday, MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle urged the left-wing lawmaker to slam President Trump over his decision not to utilize the Defense Production Act as long as numerous companies are already volunteering to produce essential medical equipment needed to combat the coronavirus pandemic. The host even laughed as her guest accused the President of “abject failure.”

“This is the call I keep getting from my mother….What is the rationale behind the President not enacting this, which would force production? Wouldn’t we want to help our heroes putting themselves in harm’s way?,” Ruhle complained to Harris. The anchor then remarked to the failed Democratic presidential candidate: “I realize you’re not the president. But can you help us understand that rationale?” The Senator laughed and quipped: “I tried to be.”

As if they were in a comedy skit – rather than talking about a global pandemic – Harris asked about Ruhle’s mother: “Is she Mrs. Ruhle? What’s her name?” Ruhle laughed and replied: “Louise!…Louise is watching and wants to know, yes.” Harris jumped at the chance to slam Trump:

Stephanie’s mom, Louise!…I’ve been asking the same question and I don’t understand it….he tells our Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on the telephone, “Hey, activate it.” And then the next day he’s saying, “I’m not Venezuela. I’m not going to take over as a socialist government.” And I don’t think he gets it…he doesn’t fully understand the role, responsibility, and power of the President of the United States to do good for the people.