WATCH: Mollie Hemingway calls for “massive investigations” into Biden’s “botched” withdrawal

Appearing on Fox News, Mollie Hemingway called for “massive investigations” into botched Biden’s “botched” withdrawal.

Hemingway said “One of the most alarming things that was said in recent days is there will be no accountability for these men, perhaps that Lieutenant Colonel who said he is willing to risk his career to talk about the lack of accountability for the botching of this departure. He was relieved of his duties but nobody at the top has been relieved of their duty. That is something that is alarming and hurting the morale of so many of our service members throughout the country.”

“The decision to close Bagram was obviously not the right decision,” she continued. “You see this by the fact that we have already dealt with a horrific attack yesterday and that we’re facing the possibility of more. You pray that this will not end with more bloodshed.’

“But the decision to leave was proper,” Hemingway added. “President Biden likes to remind people of his decision to leave. The manner in which it was done is horrific. We need to hold people accountable. There need to be massive investigations. People need to be held to account for what they’ve done and how botched this has been.”