WATCH: Mob of Looters in Santa Monica Run Out of Store With Their Merch

Sunday, Gadi Schwartz of NBC tweeted multiple disturbing videos of looters in Santa Monica.

In one video, the looters are running out and appear to have cleaned out the store of their merchandise. Some brought bags and are running out with the clothing.

Schwartz writes “Absolute Chaos along 4th street in Santa Monica… looting with impunity on both sides of the street. No police in sight. We’ve watched this happen to dozens of stores for 45 minutes now…”

In another video, Schwartz writes:

This is what’s left of The Sake House in Santa Monica.

More videos from Gadi Schwartz:

Looting continues in . This at Sand & Surf. So far I’ve counted over 30 stores looted below and above the Promenade.

Fire inside REI- looters cleaning as they hear sirens