WATCH: MLB Shares footage of Yankees all kneeling for racial justice demonstration

The MLB Twitter account shared footage of every Yankee player kneeling prior to the anthem vs. the Nationals.

Players for both teams kneeled during the demonstration prior to the anthem, then stood for the nathem.

The MLB added ” Today, and every day, we come together as brothers. As equals, all with the same goal – to level the playing field. To change the injustices. Equality is not just a word. It’s our right! Today we stand as men from 25 nations on 6 continents. Today, we are one.”

Per Yahoo, the Yankees made the decision to kneel for 60 seconds as a team before the anthem during a Wednesday night team meeting, then gave the Nationals advance notice, according to James Wagner of the The New York Times.

A similar story played out in the day’s second game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants, except several players stayed kneeling for the anthem. The group included Dodgers star Mookie Betts, Giants manager Gabe Kaple and Giants veterans Pablo Sandoval and Hunter Pence.

The overall demonstration was reportedly organized by Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Andrew McCutchen, and will be seen at every opening day game this week per Wagner.

One of the most well-known Black players in baseball, McCutchen has been outspoken about racial justice since the killing of George Floyd. In addition to lobbying for action from MLB and its players, McCutchen has co-signed a statement calling for increased police accountability and the end of qualified immunity.

MLB had announced a number of additional shows of support for racial justice. Players wore uniform patches reading “Black Lives Matter” or “United for Change,” plus “Black Lives Matter” T-shirts at batting practice. Teams were also be allowed to stencil “Black Lives Matter” or “United for Change” on their pitching mounds for opening weekend.