WATCH: Miller accuses Biden of releasing illegal border crossers “into U.S. communities untested, unmasked”

Appearing on Fox News, former Trump adviser Stephen Miller accused President Biden of reversing effective immigration policies and making American citizens less safe.

Discussing illegal border crossers, Miller said “under our policies, they were being caught and they were being safely returned to their home countries. Under this president, many of them are being released directly into U.S. communities untested, unmasked, many of them have COVID.”

“It’s a self-inflicted public health crisis and the reason is simple,” he continued. “We created the tools to end ‘catch-and-release.’ In two weeks, Biden has eliminated those tools.”

“He’s canceled our deals with Mexico and Central American nations, he’s gotten rid of regulations we put in place to turn away fraudulent asylum seekers. He’s taken away from the Border Patrol the basic tools they need to keep this country safe. That’s why you’re seeing what you’re seeing,” he added.