WATCH: Mike Pence Adopts New Safer Greeting Amid Coronavirus

Vice President Mike Pence, who is leading the Trump admin coronavirus response, is setting an example by adopting the “elbow bump” greeting.

Yahoo reports Pence, who is leading the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus, was greeted by Washington State Gov. Jay Inslee on the tarmac shortly after Air Force Two landed in Tacoma on Thursday.

Inslee, a Democrat, extended an elbow to Pence rather than a hand. The vice president reciprocated and proceeded to elbow bump everyone else waiting in line to greet him.

The vice president is in Washington for a series of meetings about coronavirus, which has hit the state particularly hard.

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Elbow bumps have gained in popularity since the coronavirus began to spread as a way of expressing a greeting without exchanging germs. But the trend is only now catching on in Washington.

Asked about the state of the Democratic race for president, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi amended a previous comment on how Democrats will “madly embrace the nominee.”

“This week, I say we will madly elbow bump,” she joked.