WATCH: “Migrant Justice” Activists Interrupt Biden’s Final Statement

Migrant justice group RAICES action has been revealed as the group of protesters who interrupted Joe Biden’s final statement.

Per their website, the group wants a moratorium on all ICE operations, deportations and detentions.

They are also calling to “De-militarize the border.”

Per the NYTimes, Protesters opposing the United States’ immigration policy disrupted the Democratic debate Wednesday night, drowning out former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s closing remarks and momentarily bringing the event in Las Vegas to a halt.

Mr. Biden had just begun to speak when noise erupted from the rear of the Paris Theater, with protesters shouting about deportations under President Barack Obama. “You deported three million people,” one of the protesters yelled.

RAICES Action, an immigrant rights group, said on Twitter that it was responsible for the protest. The demonstrators were immediately escorted out of the debate, and Mr. Biden resumed his closing statement.

The group said in a statement, “We disrupted the Democrat debate tonight because candidates have consistently refused to address the immigration crisis, and it’s simply not good enough.”


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