WATCH: Michelle Obama says having children cost her “aspirations and dreams” made being Barack’s equal “harder”

In her newly released Netflix documentary “Becoming” Michelle Obama reveals having children cost her “aspirations and dreams” and made being Barack’s equal “harder.”

Michelle Obama:

My relationship with Barack was all about our equal partnership. If I was going to have a unique voice with this very opinionated man, I had to get myself up and set myself off to a place where I was confident I was going to be his equal.

The thing that really changed it was the birth of our children. I wasn’t really ready for that. That really made it harder. Something had to give and it was my aspirations and dreams.

I made that concession not because he said ‘you have to quit your job,’ but it felt like ‘I can’t do all of this so I have to tone down my aspirations, I have to dial it back.


In another segment, Michelle Obama refers to black voters not turning out as her “trauma.”

“It takes some energy to go high, and we were exhausted from it. Because when you are the first black anything…,” Michelle reveals while speaking to a group of schoolchildren. “A lot of our folks didn’t vote. It was almost like a slap in the face.”

“I understand the people who voted for Trump,” she added “The people who didn’t vote at all, the young people, the women, that’s when you think, man, people think this is a game.

“Every midterm. Every time Barack didn’t get the Congress he needed, that was because our folks didn’t show up. After all that work, they just couldn’t be bothered to vote at all. That’s my trauma.”