WATCH: Michelle Obama accuses Trump White House of “chaos, division, and a total and utter lack of empathy”

Former First Lady Michelle Obama headlined the first day of the DNC with a recorded speech.

Rudy Giuliani had pointed out that Obama made no mention of Kamala Harris.

Reports now indicate the speech was recorded before the VP announcement.

Michelle Obama took direct aim at President Trump without mincing words.

“Donald Trump is the wrong president for our country,” she declared “He has had more than enough time to prove that he can do the job, but he is clearly in over his head. He cannot meet this moment. He simply cannot be what we need him to be for us.”

Michelle Obama also said “Whenever we look to this White House for some leadership, or consolation, or any semblance of steadiness, what we get instead is chaos, division, and a total and utter lack of empathy.”