Michael Savage gets emotional while railing against Critical Race Theory “Children are being humiliated and hurt and damaged for life”

Appearing on NewsmaxTV, guest Michael Savage got emotional while comparing Criticla Race Theory to child abuse.

Savage fumed “and now they’re beating up white children in schoolrooms and I’m not going to mince words. You can cut me off if you have to. I know you probably agree with me. I can’t take this anymore. And there’s only one solution to it—sue the goddamn schools if they do it to your child for child abuse, and you will win.”

He then said “children are being humiliated and hurt and damaged for life” by critical race theory, which he called “nothing but racism towards white people.”

Savage then went on to a Nazi-era Germany comparison.

“The same kind of thing started in Germany,” Savage said. “The Jews were no good. The Jews did this. The Jews did that. The next thing you know they were being excluded from swimming pools. They didn’t put them in concentration camps overnight.”

“I studied this intimately. I am Jewish. I know how this starts. Attacks on white people is exactly what was done to the Jews in Germany in the 1930s. Don’t fall for this garbage. This is the road to the death camps. Stand up to these bastards and sue them!” He said emphatically.