WATCH: Mexican Authorities Round Up Nearly 1,000 Illegals in 4 Trucks Headed to U.S.

In response to President Trump’s recent threats to impose a 5% tariff on Mexican goods coming into the US, law enforcement officials in Mexico have ramped up efforts to quell the growing numbers of Central American migrants illegally entering the US.

Recently, US law enforcement officials have desperately tried to cope with the surging numbers of illegals, leading to overcrowding problems in detention centers as over 100,000 individuals attempted to enter the country each month.

Now, in an arrest which was captured on video, Mexican law enforcement officials prevented nearly 800 would-be migrants from entering the US in four semi-trucks intercepted en route to America.

Horrified commenters reacted at the inhumane conditions smugglers use, while thanking President Trump and the Mexican government for their efforts to combat the growing issue of illegal migration.