WATCH: Merkel Violently Shakes While Welcoming Ukraine’s New President to Berlin

People are genuinely concerned for the health of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who was seen violently shaking as she waited to greet Ukraine’s new president in Berlin.

Daily Mail reported that German Chancellor Angela Merkel dismissed concerns about her health after visibly trembling at an official ceremony, saying she was just a bit dehydrated in the heat.

Merkel appeared unsteady and was shaking as she stood in the midday sun in Berlinon Tuesday next to visiting Ukraine‘s new president Volodymyr Zelensky, whom she was welcoming to her office building with military honours.

Mrs Merkel’s whole body visibly shook and she pursed her lips as she tried to contain the situation as she stood with Zelenskiy in the 28C (82F) heat while a military band played their national anthems outside the chancellery.

But following the anthems, Mrs Merkel seemed better, walking quickly along the red carpet with Zelenskiy into the building, pausing to greet the military band and taking a salute.

Watch the video:

From American Mirror

German Chancellor Angela Merkel suffered a disturbing “violent tremor” during a ceremony in Berlin today.

Video shows Merkel standing with Ukrainian President Vladimir Selensky when she begins to noticeably shake.

When the German national anthem sounds, both stand together on a red pedestal. Then the Chancellor suddenly begins to tremble uncontrollably. While her body vibrates more and more violently from head to legs, the Ukrainian President remains calm.

“Water shortage” during the “heat of the day” was to blame.

Merkel said at a subsequent press conference that she drank three glasses of water in the meantime.

Here’s another angle:

The 64-year-old Merkel has been a vocal opponent of President Donald Trump and has advocated for open borders, which has flooded the country with Muslim immigrants.