WATCH: Melania WOWS UK Fans With a Duo of Jaw-Dropping Fashion Looks

Graceful First Lady Melania accompanied President Trump on his trip abroad to the UK.

While there, Melania wowed UK fans with a very special “Britain-inspired” Gucci Dress.

Watch the video:

Breitbart reported that First Lady Melania Trump paid homage to London, England, as she departed the White House for her and President Donald Trump’s state visit to the United Kingdom on Sunday evening.

While strutting out of the White House to board her flight to the U.K., Mrs. Trump donned a creme silk midi dress by Gucci that features rich orange and green metropolis illustrations of London, including Big Ben — London’s iconic national timepiece.

The details of this Gucci dress are particularly breathtaking, with the brand’s famous gold double “G” logos as the buttons juxtapositioned with the garment’s intricate drawings of London double-decker buses and the British parliament. The dress retails for $4,400.

Bringing out the Emerald green color of the dress, Mrs. Trump — with help from her style adviser, designer Hervé Pierre — cinched her waist with a green Ralph Lauren crocodile wide belt.

Keeping her footwear subtle, Mrs. Trump wore beige snakeskin Manolo Blahnik that she’s previously worn on multiple occasions.

Mrs. Trump has been taken with silk shirt-style dresses as of late, loyal Fashion Notes readers will know. Last month, for instance, Mrs. Trump chose a silk shirt dress by Calvin Klein featuring an Americana postcard print to board Air Force One.

No doubt, Mrs. Trump is ready to show off her admiration for luxury fashion

But that was not her only fashion statement. Our glamorous First Lady wowed onlookers in a stunning white and midnight blue Dolce and Gabbana suit and hat combo.

Watch the video:

From The Today Show 

Melania Trump met the queen in style Monday.

When she and the president and arrived at Buckingham Palace for their long-awaited state visit, the first lady debuted a bold ensemble created just for her.

Trump, 49, stepped onto the lawn of Buckingham Palace wearing a striking custom dress from Dolce & Gabbana in stark white, with midnight blue accents at the waist and collar — and on the brim of her stunning, and stylishly tilted, wide-brimmed hat.

That hat was also a custom design, created by the first lady’s go-to couturier, Hervé Pierre.