WATCH: Melania Dazzles in a Stunning Pink Summer Suit

On Wednesday, the President and First Lady welcomed Poland’s first couple to the White House, and Melania looked like a breath of fresh summer air in a stunning pink Calvin Klein suit.

Breitbart reported that First Lady Melania Trump welcomed Polish President Andrezej and his wife, Agata Kornhauser-Duda, to the White House on Wednesday in a pale pink suit.

For her first ensemble since she and President Trump’s European trip — where she curated a series of iconic fashion moments — Melania Trump opted for a girlish Calvin Klein suit in the palest shade of pink.

The virgin wool, double-breasted suit is from one of Raf Simons’ last runway collections for the American brand before his recent departure. The suit, retailing for at least $1,950, features tortoiseshell buttons and a sporty white and grey stripe down the side of each pant leg.

Mrs. Trump paired the Calvin Klein look with white leather Manolo Blahnik stilettos, contrasting starkly against Mrs. Kornhauser-Duda two-tone black and white dress and black suede pumps.

Watch the video: