WATCH: Megyn Kelly says she pulled her kids out of school because they “went hard left”

Appearing with Bill Maher, Megyn Kelly revealed she pulled her own kids out of school because they “went hard left.”

Maher asked ” I want to talk to you about the schools because I read you took your kids out of the school in New York, and I have been hearing anecdotally the same very much the thing from many parents. Parents confide in me I guess because I don’t have kids, it usually starts with “you’re so lucky you don’t have kids.” Then I hear about their problems, just tells why you did this?”

Kelly responded “We loved our schools. We were in the New York City private school system our boys went to an all-boys school and our daughter went to an all-girls school. Loved our teachers, loved the students, the faculty, and the parents. And they were definitely leftist we are more center right, but that is fine.”

“My family is all Democrats it wasn’t that I was bothered by the fact that they leaned left but then they went hard left,” she continued. “Then they started to take a really hard turn toward social justice stuff. At our boys school in particular, when our son was in the third grade they unleashed a three week experimental trans-education program on these eight and nine year old boys. It wasn’t about support, we felt it was more about trying to convince them like “come on over.” And the boys started to get confused, and they had to implement this system were they raised they hand if they were really confused put up a one.