WATCH: Megyn Kelly calls Don Lemon an “idiot” and says he’s “in no position to be lecturing anyone”

During her latest Podcast, Megyn Kelly called CNN’s Don Lemon an “idiot” for suggesting the unvaccinated be shamed and shunned.

“Don Lemon thought that that Malaysia airplane was sucked up by a blackhole,” Kelly said. “Don Lemon thought a woman being allegedly raped by Bill Cosby could’ve stopped it by biting his penis while she was being forced to perform oral sex.”

“Don Lemon’s an idiot,” she continued. “and Don Lemon is in no position to be lecturing anyone when it comes to morals nor is Chris Cuomo.”


“I think we have to stop coddling people when it comes to … the vaccines,” Lemon recently said. ” ‘Oh you can’t shame them. You can’t call them stupid.’ Yes, they are. The people who aided and abetted Trump are stupid because they believed his big lie.”

“The people who are not getting vaccines who are believing the lies on the internet instead of science, it’s time to start shaming them or leave them behind,” he continued.