WATCH: Meghan McCain Tells Dems “You Better Hit the Jugular” on Trump Impeachment

During a Friday segment of ABC’s “The View,” co-host Meghan McCain used a disturbing reference to assassination while urging Democrats to impeach President Trump.

McCain has carried on her late father’s legacy of attacking Trump repeatedly, told Democrats, “if you take this kill shot, Democrats, you better not miss.”

The outspoken Trump critic added, “You better hit his jugular, and if there’s even a finger still moving at the end of it, you’re gonna ruin your chances in 2020. But you better do this well, if you’re gonna do it, and my faith in Democrats.”

Later, McCain attempted to walk back her comments, which she said were meant metaphorically, rather than literally.

McCain’s message to Democrats, however, remained clear, as she again encouraged impeachment, “you have to definitely do this. If you’re gonna impeach him, you have to impeach him.”