WATCH: Meghan McCain Says She’s Sick of Comments About Her Weight and Looks

While discussing supermodel Paulina Poritzkova’s views on getting older, host of “The View” Meghan McCain vented about being tired of being judged by her weight instead of her opinions on social media.

Meghan McCain:

I will say and I hope this doesn’t come across as arrogant in any way, but I think I’m really good at talking about politics—it’s the only thing I think I’m really good at, and I would like to talk about politics and not have every comment be about the way I look and my weight. It makes you feel weird. And Men just don’t have that problem.

Everyone talks about how we look on this show all the time. Can’t you just hear what you have to say?

Ana Navarro:

I’m not sure Chris Christie would agree, or Mike Bloomberg would agree, or Donald Trump would agree.

Meghan McCain:

I’m sorry—there’s no way Mike Bloomberg in any way has experienced anything like the kind of stuff I’ve experienced and all the women on this show have experienced in any way on social media.


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