WATCH: Meadows Blasts Schiff for “Made Up Conversation” Between Trump and Putin

Appearing on Fox News with Laura Ingraham, Rep. Mark Meadows mocked lead impeachment manager Adam Schiff and accused of of “trying to win an Academy Award” since he’s not winning this trial.

Ingraham and Meadows were referring to when Schiff said this on the Senate floor:

“If the president went further and said to Putin in that secret meeting, I want you to hack Burisma, I couldn’t get the Ukrainians to do it. And I’ll tell you what, you have Burisma, and you get me some good stuff, then I’m going to stop sending money to Ukraine.”

Laura Ingraham:

Congressman, the House impeachment team just looked really desperate today as you and I were sitting here, just preparing to go on the air, Adam Schiff was making up another conversation..he made up a conversation the President had behind closed doors with Vladimir Putin. You can’t make this up, but it just happened.

Mark Meadows:

Well, it did just happen. The interesting thing is he knows he’s not going to win this trial, so he’s hoping he wins an Academy Award, because he’s putting on the most unbelievable show tonight. 


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