WATCH: McDaniel on Hunter Biden: If this was the Trump family “it would be all over the news 24/7”

Appearing on Fox News, Chris Wallace asked GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel “Do you have any proof, because he’s denied it, do you have any proof that Joe Biden ever took one penny from either a foreign country or a foreign company?”

McDaniel replied “I think that’s incumbent upon the press to start investigating.”

“I think what’s frightening is we should have a free and fair press that should be looking at a laptop that has not been disputed by the Biden campaign to be authentic,” she replied.

“These emails are deeply troubling as it looks like Hunter Biden is negotiating with a Chinese energy company to profit not just for himself, but for his father, but it warrants an investigation,” McDaniel continued.

“That’s not my job. That’s the press’ job,” the GOP spokeswoman added “That’s the FBI, those who have this laptop, to look into it.”

McDaniel later added “The press is saying this has been debunked without even investigating it.”

She asked “Why are they doing that? Why are they covering for the story? If this were the Trump family and this laptop and emerged it would be all over the news 24/7. It is frightening as we are looking at a candidate who is going to take us closer to socialism that we have a press that is showing itself not to be free and fair.”