WATCH: McConnell Says He’d Move Forward With SCOTUS Nomination if a Slot Opens This Year

Appearing on Fox News, Senate Majority leader said he’d go forward with a nomination for Supreme Court justice if one opened up this year, a declaration that is sure to enrage critics on the left.

McConnell also paid a compliment to Attorney General Barr, telling Brett Baier “The president made a great choice when he picked Bill Barr to be the attorney general. I think the president should listen to his advice.”

Per Fox News, Baier asked McConnell whether he would go forward with the nomination of a Supreme Court justice before the November election. McConnell has been criticized for not holding a hearing for President Obama’s 2016 nominee Merrick Garland, citing the fact it was an election year.

McConnell told Baier that his comments at the time specified that it has been longstanding custom since the 1880s that no Senate controlled by the opposing party to the sitting president has gone forward with the nominating process.

In 1888, President Grover Cleveland, a Democrat, nominated Illinois Judge Melville Fuller to the bench before a Republican-majority Senate just prior to his unsuccessful reelection bid against former Sen. Benjamin Harrison, R-Ind.

The Senate confirmed Fuller 41-20.