WATCH: McCarthy Says “Pelosi has already surrendered to the socialists”

Ini a new interview with the DailyCaller, House minority leader Kevin McCarthy accuses House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of “surrendering to the socialist.”

Kevin McCarthy:

This battle that’s coming up in November is socialism versus freedom. And in history, name me one country that’s been a socialist-communist country that’s ever had people craving to get inside it.

The only plight I’ve ever seen is people risking and giving their lives to leave it. And where do they want to leave to? They want to leave to a place like America, because America is more than a country, we’re an idea.

We’re an idea of self-governance and freedom that could inspire shipyard workers in Poland to rise up — kids that come out in Tiananmen Square are in Hong Kong themselves. What are they craving?

The freedom that we have and the freedom that we’re going to have to defend against this socialist Democratic Party.

Nancy Pelosi has already surrendered to the socialists. More than half of them, not support, but co-sponsored Medicare-for-All. That’s the takeover of the health care system — no longer would you have private health insurance in America.

That is the basis of any socialist country. So they are no longer the Democratic Party. You talk to the freshman, those that are the most famous — AOC, Tlaib and Omar — they will correct you if you call them a Democrat. They’ll say ‘No, no, no. I’m a socialist Democrat.”


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