WATCH: Mayor of Arizona Border Town Speaks Out as Crisis Gets Worse

Mayor Douglas Nicholls of Yuma, Arizona, discussed the growing immigration crisis at the US-Mexico border during a recent interview, describing the arduous task officers face regarding apprehension and processing of illegal aliens.

Douglas explained that in just the Yuma Sector alone, agents apprehend around “1,000 people every 3 days,” leaving federal immigration authorities stressed and operating at over-capacity as the number of illegal migrants continues to climb exponentially.

Despite measures taken to process the surging numbers of migrants, Douglas explained that “the numbers keep climbing,” noting, “it’s just a matter of time until we’re back at over-capacity levels.”

Earlier in the week, CBP revealed that, for the third consecutive month, over 100,000 migrants attempted to illegal enter the US or had asylum claims rejected, putting the US on pace to receive over a million migrants in 2019.