WATCH: Maxine Waters Warns Trump Is “Gonna Be Even Worse” After Being Acquitted

Appearing on MSNBC, Maxine Waters claimed that after being acquitted from impeachment, President Trump will seek revenge and if re-elected will bring Putin to the White House.

Maxine Waters

While everybody’s talking about the commutations and the pardons and the clemency and all of that. He’s gonna be even worse. He’s going to reek revenge on some people.

I don’t know in all the ways he’s gonna do it and then he’s gonna put Putin right in our face. He’s gonna bring him to the White House and he’s gonna say be damned to Congress of the United States, i’m gonna do whatever I want to do. ….We’ve got to vote him out of office.

Joy Reid:

Do you believe if Donald Trump is reelected that he will drop all sanctions on Russia and as you said bring Vladimir Putin to the White House?

Maxine Water:

Oh absolutely, absolutely. He will pardon Manafort. He will lift all the sanctions from Russia. He’ll be even more involved with the oligarch’s or Russia, and he’ll bring Putin to the White House. I do believe that. 


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