WATCH: Maxine Waters Vows to Impeach Trump DESPITE Mueller’s Conclusions

While speaking at the NAACP Image Awards over the weekend, Democrat lawmaker Maxine Waters railed against President Trump, and vowed to continue investigating the president despite his having recently been vindicated of collusion and obstruction allegations.

“We have seen, right before our very eyes, the obstruction of justice in so many ways,” said the 80-year-old Waters, before going on to erroneously suggest that the Mueller report was between three and four thousand pages long.

“No matter what has been revealed thus far, and there’s only four pages of what appears to be a report of about, maybe somewhere between 3,000, 4,000 pages,” said Waters, although the actual report is estimated to be around 300 pages long.

Waters went on to vow to continue her investigations, noting, “We haven’t lost.”

Throughout the Trump administration, Waters has vehemently demanded his impeachment, and has vowed to “get” the president through whatever means necessary, including a seemingly endless onslaught of investigations.