WATCH: Maxine Waters Beams as She Proudly Waves Her New “Impeachment Pen”

After signing the impeachment articles with over 20 commemorative impeachment pens baring her signature, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi proudly handed pens to members of Congress surrounding her.

One reaction stood out.

As you can see in the video below, staunch anti-Trump lawmaker Maxine Waters lit up with a glowing smile when she got her pen, and held it up triumphantly like a flag.

Waters then appears to wave the pen as if it’s a mini flag or a cigarette lighter at a rock concert during a ballad.


The episode caught even CNN’s Dana Bash by surprise who admitted the cheery atmosphere during the signing was anything but “somber.”


Elizabeth Harrington tweeted:

You know what you hand out pens for? Accomplishments.

Like, say, signing a historic trade deal with China.

So it’s fitting that Democrats are handing out pens for their sole accomplishment: impeachment

Democrats have done NOTHING for the American people

Stephen Miller joked:

I’d like to think Pelosi had to delay delivering the articles for weeks not because of some grand strategy, but because she was waiting for her pens to be done and shipped to her.

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