WATCH: Maxine Waters Accuses Barr of “Another Trick” and Being in Cahoots With Trump

Appearing on MSNBC, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) accused Attorney General Barr of trying to “trick” the people into believing he’s objective while being in cahoots with President Trump.

Maxine Waters:

Mr. Barr has been protecting the President even before he was appointed. He auditioned for the job and he wrote an extensive memorandum basically saying the President can do whatever he wants to do.

He can’t be indicted, he can’t be accused of a crime and so I think this is another trick that’s been worked out with he and the President of the United States to try and make people believe that he’s objective and that he’s trying to do his job without interference.

I don’t believe him for one minute. This attorney general has been shameless and brazen in the way that he has protected the President.


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