WATCH: MASSIVE Texas Crowd Lines Up to Cheer Trump’s Motorcade!


The people of Texas really love their president and they showed it by lining the streets, just to catch a glimpse of his motorcade as it whizzed past.

Western Journal reported that sometimes being a conservative can feel like living on an island. It seems like everywhere you look, people on the right are being assaulted for supporting the president or being portrayed as bigots for not toeing the liberal line.

But once you step away from the talking heads on TV, a very different reality emerges. It turns out that conservatism is actually thriving in America, and the signs are all around.

There’s the fact that the majority of likely voters currently approve of President Donald Trump. He’s actually doing better than Barack Obama at the same time in their presidencies, according to one major polling group — and that’s after years of a mostly negative media onslaught.

It looks like many parts of the heartland are still Trump country, at least if an amazing video is any sign. On Wednesday, Trump shared a video on his official Twitter account which shows just how out-of-touch the naysayers in the media are.

Watch the video: