WATCH: Marsha Blackburn warns “Taylor Swift would be the first “victim” of “a socialist” government

Speaking with Breitbart News, Tennessee Senator warned that pop singer Taylor Swift “would be the first victim of” a socialist or Marxist government .

“When I’m talking to my friends who are musicians and entertainers, I say, ‘If — if we have a socialistic government, if we have Marxism, you are going to be the first ones who will be caught off because the state would have to approve your music,’ ” the Tennessee Senator said during the interview.

“And, you know, Taylor Swift, came after me and my 2018 campaign, but Taylor Swift would be the first victim of that because when you look at Marxist, socialist societies, they do not allow women to dress, or sing, or be on stage, or to entertain,” she continued, pointing out that such forms of government “don’t allow protection of private intellectual property rights.”

“I know the left is all out now and trying to change country music and make it woke,” Blackburn  added.