WATCH: Mark Ruffalo “The world should consider my president public enemy number one”

During a recent interview with Sky News, “hulk” actor and Bernie Sanders raged against President Trump, going so far as saying “The world should consider my president public enemy number one.”

Mark Ruffalo:

I think the world should consider my president as public enemy no. 1 at this point

What we do probably in the next ten years will probably be crucial to the future of the planet.

This will only become more and more evident to us. We’re not going backwards from here.


TCO reported Ruffalo pleaded with “centrist” Democrats to give Bernie a chance after his big Nevada win.

Ruffalo tweeted:

Centrist Democrat brothers and sisters, all we are saying is give Bernie (us) a chance. It’s time for another approach. We have backed you up for decades.

Ruffalo is an avid Bernie supporter who even was featured in a official Bernie campaign video:

The tweet stirred up quite a hornet’s nest among a Democratic party that is in disarray.

Here are just some of the many responses Ruffalo received.

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