WATCH: Mark Levin says it’s time to start talking about impeaching Biden

During a fiery segment of his show, Mark Levin argued it’s time to start talking about impeaching Biden.

Levin began by claiming “Joe Biden is the most disastrous president of modern American history. I don’t care if it’s by design or by the fact that he’s done with. It doesn’t much matter to me.”

“Isn’t it time to remove this…well, isn’t it time to remove this guy from the Oval Office or at least make an effort?” Levin later asked. “So, you tough guy Republicans who come on here, you tough guy Republicans on radio, how about it? The I- word, impeachment. Let’s start to talk about it or the 25th Amendment, it’ll never happen. But let’s start to talk about it.”

“He’s doing more damage to this country as far as I’m concerned than any single one of our enemies. That’s it,” Levin added.