WATCH: Mark Levin calls Biden the “human pandemic” says Dem party embracing BLM movement “appalling”

During a fiery appearance on Fox News with Sean Hannity, conservative radio host Mark Levin called President Biden the “human pandemic.”

“Number one, he is the human pandemic I said he is,” Levin said. “I want to address something very specifically to Joe Biden and his party. This poison of anti-Semitism is growing in your party and your silence isn’t going to fix it. Tlaib, who in my opinion is an out of the closet anti-Semite and she’s joined by or others of the hard Marxist Hamas wing of the Democrat Party, you have Omar and AOC and Pressley and Bush, you have Bernie Sanders — I don’t care how Bernie Sanders identifies. It’s irrelevant.”

“The Democrats in the House of Representatives voted unanimously against sanctioning Hamas last week, during the time when Hamas was firing 4,000 missiles into Israel. Now, Joe Biden sees this. He sees on TV individuals with Antifa-like clothing, with the Palestinian flag chasing down Jews, in cities throughout this country, in cars, attacking Jews, organized like Black Lives Matter and Antifa, beating Jews, graffiti on synagogues, including swastikas and so forth. We haven’t seen anything like this and I don’t know ever,” he continued.

Later, Mark Levin blasted the Democrat party support of the BLM movement, saying “you have Democrats embracing Black Lives Matter, which is a hate America, Marxist, anarchist violent organization that also is anti-Semitic and backs the BDS movement.”

“And we have Democrat mayors across this country painting Black Lives Matter, not Black Lives Matter, the group Black Lives Matter on their streets and promoting it. You have corporations embracing them. You have LeBron James and sports stars, ESPN sportscasters embracing it,” he continued.

“It is a disgusting, appalling thing that’s going on in this country right now. And in the media, “The New York Times” and “The Washington Post”, both of which did the best they could to censor the Holocaust. This is the best they can do to make — to make light of this? To defend Black Lives Matter who pretend these sorts of things aren’t going on? This is a shocking event that’s taking place,” he added.