WATCH: Marianne Williamson Releases Bizarre “Coronavirus Meditation” Video

Former 2020 candidate Marianne Williamson released a bizarre “coronavirus meditation” video for the public.

Marianne Williamson:

Nothingness from whence it came. We place the coronavirus, that which is active within any body, that which is existing in the world, we place it in divine hands, we pray that it be dissolved, we pray that it go back to the nothingness from whence it came, we pray for divine healing of all those who have contracted the virus, we pray that the immune system of all bodies be bolstered that the virus cannot become active in our systems, as the light of all that is good true and beautiful, the Christ light, the Buddha light, the light that is the light by whatever name so impress itself upon our bodies, upon all bodies upon the body of humanity that every cell of every body becomes so filled with light, the light pouring forth now beyond the skin, infusing the skin and moving beyond the skin, that our bodies are repaired and replaced by light.

Here is the full 15 minute version:

A Twitter user spliced together a bunch of segments from the meditation to make a ridiculous parody video of it.

To which Williamson responded herself:

To those who mock, editing the words “penis & buttocks” like 10 yr-olds in the bathroom, here is from a text that means more to me: “I sent it to my 74 year old mother who is pressed w/ anxiety despite how I try to assure her that all’s well…Your Meditation is such a Blessing.”

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