WATCH: Many Finding Trump Accuser’s Answers in Interview “BIZARRE”

Trump accuser E. Jean Carroll recently gave a duo of interviews on CNN which many social media users found “bizarre.”

Carroll raised more than a few eyebrows when she appeared on Anderson Cooper’s show and declared that most people think “rape” is “sexy.”

This prompted criticism from both the left and the right.

An equally unsettling interview also occurred on CNN “New Day,” hosted by Alisyn Camerota.

A Breitbart Op-Ed by John Nolte provided commentary on this interview. 

I’m sorry, I know we’re not supposed to speak these truths anymore, but Carroll sounds like she’s drunk or high or suffering a stroke. Her words are slurred, her behavior is erratic, she can’t keep her thoughts on track… It is painful to watch but nowhere near as painful as what happened Monday…

Carroll appeared on CNN’s New Day, the least-watched show in all of cable news, and appeared to be even more scattered and confused. Watch as New Day co-hostess Alisyn Camerota attempts to keep Carroll on track, which included putting words in her mouth:

Watch the videos:

In this interview, though, Carroll backs off her rape allegation.

“I don’t use the word [rape]. I have difficulty with the word. I see it as a fight.”

Camerota then spends an endless amount of time assuring Carroll she was raped and ends her tirade with, “You were legally raped. That’s what it was.”

Carroll just stares at Camerota as if to say, Okay, if you say so.

From there, the interview goes downhill at lightspeed when Carroll makes the laughable claim she’s not using Trump to sell her book and goes on to change her answer about why she won’t press charges: No longer is her refusal to press charges about “disrespecting” migrant rape victims, it is now about the statute of limitations — even though New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio assured Carroll the police will still investigate.

At this point, Camerota, who is pretty much interviewing herself, struggles with a Carroll who can only respond with more dazed confusion.

Watch the video: