WATCH: Manchin calls for Trump to face legal trial, says “someone has to go to be held accountable”

Appearing on CNN, Senator Joe Manchin called for President Trump to face a legal trial.

Jake Tapper asked “It seems to me you are saying there shouldn’t be a Senate trial of President Trump after the articles of impeachment presumably pass but maybe there should be a legal trial, a prosecution of President Trump and anyone else who incited this riot. Is that what you are saying?”

Manchin replied “Well, first of all, we are a country — the rule of law is who we are. That’s our bedrock. And that means no person is above the law.” He continued  “If people have died, and we know they have, and all the damage that was done, and insurrection, on our own Capitol, someone has to go to be held accountable for that so it never happens again or doesn’t come within our borders, within our country.”

He continues “I would think that that would be a better position to take and that would be a better route to go versus taking a political route.”

“And everyone believes that impeachment is a political route even though we know the purpose and the reason for to us do it. Because there has been a violation. But that basically stops us from putting a government together,” he added.