WATCH: Man forcibly pulled off bus in Philadelphia by cops for not wearing a mask

A video with over 1.25 million views shows a man forcibly being pulled off a Philadelphia bus for not wearing a mask by multiple officers.

Upset, the man appears to say ““I want all y’all f*ckin’ badge numbers”


Per WHYY, a video that went viral Friday shows what appeared to be four police officers, backed by about six more, forcibly pulling a man not wearing a face covering off of a SEPTA bus. After the uniformed and masked Philadelphia Police Department officers lift the adult man off the bus and engage in a brief confrontation, he walks away. No arrest. No ticket.

“All because he had no [effing] mask,” said a man, who himself wore a mask, at the end of the video. “He better get a [effing] mask.”

The Philadelphia Police Department said Friday afternoon that the incident began that morning with 911 calls about a disturbance on a SEPTA bus at 1100 Market Street. A SEPTA bus driver requested that the man “leave the bus several times and the passenger repeatedly refused,” said a police spokesperson.

The officers arrived and “ordered the male to leave the bus several times. The male refused, at which point he was physically removed by the officers,” police said.