WATCH: Maher rips Biden “If he were a movie, he’d be certified rotten”

During a blistering segment of his show, Bill Maher ripped President Biden.

“Democrats must thank President Biden for his great service to America and then move him into a more ceremonial role. Joe Biden has been president now for a year and a day. The day was pretty good, but the year? Not horrible, certainly better than the alternative, but for some reason, America has lost its faith in Joe. Sometimes that just happens,” Maher said, then citing polls showing dismal approval for Biden.

“If he were a movie, he’d be certified rotten and of course, he’s not,” Maher continued. “and what’s gone wrong is certainly not all Joe’s fault. But the hard fact is even when Joe does something good, he seems to get no credit. Our economy is actually pretty awesome considering what we’ve just been through. Wages are up, workers have more leverage, we avoided a recession, stocks just had their best year since 1995 and yet only 38% approve of his handling of the economy. This is what happens when you lack passionate defenders – as opposed to Trump, who everyday s— the bed and 95% of Republicans blame the bed.”

“When he first got into office, I told you that Biden was like non-dairy creamer; nobody’s first choice but he got the job done. And he did get the job done in 2020 when his nation needed him to beat Trump and he did!” Maher said. “But fair or not, to most people now, it looks like Joe Biden’s ‘Get up and go’ got up and went.”

“There’s no big d— energy coming out of the Democratic Party. And their bench is so thin, they’re even talking about running Hillary again! And I’m sure she’s thinking, ‘Well, who else you got?’ Kamala? Her approval rating is lower than Biden’s! Bernie’s too old, Pete’s too young and this didn’t work out,” he added, showing a photo of Governor Cuomo.