WATCH: MAGA Hat-Wearing Woman Unloads on Amash at Town Hall

A Trump supporting woman unloaded on Justin Amash at his town hall meeting in Grand Rapids, Mi.

Amash has drawn the ire of supporters of the President by suggesting impeachment be considered despite the fact Amash is a republican. reported that Rep. Justin Amash may have enjoyed a standing ovation at a Michigan town hall after he called to impeach President Donald Trump, but one MAGA-hat wearing woman unloaded on the Republican for his betrayal.

Amash defended his conservative record during the town hall in Grand Rapids even as one woman, wearing a Make America Great Again hat confronted him for defecting from the Republican Party as he is the first member of his party to call for Trump’s impeachment.

“I haven’t changed, I’m who I said I was. I’m a principled, constitutional conservative,” the Michigan congressman countered after the woman blasted him because he “drank the same Kool Aid” and become a Democrat.

The woman unloaded on the lawmaker and criticized Robert Mueller’s report as a “smear attack” which Democrats are using as they usually personally attack and destroy anyone who does not “go along with what they say.” She remarked that the audience seemed to be made up of “more supporters for you than Trump supporters,” which elicited applause from the crowd.

“I’ve been your supporter since you started running for Congress, and I can’t tell you how disappointed I am,” she said as she was repeatedly interrupted.

Watch the video: