WATCH: Luntz says Trump supporters will be “mad as heck on January 6th when Pence” certifies election for Biden

Appearing on ABC, pollster Frank Luntz was asked by Jon Karl “Frank, does this do lasting damage to the Pence/Trump relationship? Pence has never uttered a word critical of this president. Now he will be the public face announcing the finality of these results.”

Luntz replied “It’s going to impact him. 53% of Trump voters, half, think that Donald Trump still won this election after all the evidence to the contrary. Those people are going to be mad as heck on January 6th when Pence makes that statement.”

“The challenge for the vice president is that he clearly would like to seek the office in four year,” he continued “Trump is clearly going to be agitated with him, and I think this is the beginning of a very painful period for the Republicans in Washington and across the country.”