WATCH: Lou Dobbs on James Clapper calling Climate Change Biden’s biggest threat

In a recent segment, Lou Dobbs sounded off on former Director of National Intelligence calling Climate Change Biden’s biggest threat.

Asked to described “the risks” Biden will face Clapper said “the threat I would mention or challenge I would mention is, which I think actually transcends all others, is climate change and I guess I would nominate that for first on this list of top risks.”

He continued “and in my view, not to be melodramatic about it, but as the U.N. recently stated that, if we don’t do something — the goal is to do something about this pretty quick — the planet’s going to become an uninhabitable hell.”

“And that, to me, transcends all these other challenges and threats that we have. I mean, clearly, the Earth is warming at a faster rate than science had forecast and sea level is rising and you only need to look at the empirical evidence of that. And to me that, that transcends all else,” he concluded.


This was the event Dobbs was referring to.