WATCH: Lou Dobbs Gets Standing Ovation After Trump Thanks Him for His Amazing Support

Fox News host Lou Dobbs had a big smile on his face when he showed a clip of President Trump thanking him in person for his incredible support, calling him “the great Lou Dobbs.”

Lou Dobbs:

During today’s historic trade deal signing, President Trump graciously gave me a shout out. It was generous. I greatly appreciate his kind words. Here they are.

President Trump (footage):

A man who always liked me because he’s smart. So smart. The great Lou Dobbs. You know at first he said, he’s the best since Reagan. Then he got to know me more and more and he said he’s even better than Reagan. (audience laughs)

Then a few weeks ago somebody told me and I watch all the time..that Lou Dobbs he said he’s the greatest of them all. I said “does that include Washington and Lincoln?” and he said “yes.” Now, I don’t know if he was for real, but that’s ok, but he is, the great Lou Dobbs. Thank you very much.

Audience claps.


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