WATCH: Los Angeles Protesters smash car, attempt to pull driver out of vehicle

In an extremely distributing video, a mob of Los Angeles protesters in Hollywood protesting the Breonna Taylor decision converged around a vehicle.

They then chased it down with a truck and attempted to corner it.

You can see the protesters smashing the window and trying to pull the driver out. The white Prius gets away.

The incident with the White Prius took place after a protester was struck by a Truck.

Another angle:

According to the Los Angeles Times:

Moments after the incident and a few blocks east on Sunset Boulevard, a white Prius tried to drive through the fringes of a group of demonstrators who had gathered in an intersection, according to the LAPD and footage from KCAL-TV Channel 9’s chopper, Sky9.

“It wasn’t traveling at a fast speed — it was inching forward, trying to get past, and that upset people,” said Monterrosa, the photojournalist.

People in the crowd began striking the car’s windows and doors, the news footage shows. After the Prius cleared the crowd, a black pickup truck with several people sitting in the bed gave chase, accelerated ahead of the Prius and pulled to an abrupt halt. A man got out of the truck and, according to the footage, appeared to try to pull the driver out of the Prius.

The Prius reversed and collided with a green Mustang convertible, which was associated with the protest, according to the LAPD. A person got out of the convertible and began striking the Prius with a flagpole, the footage shows, and another person arrived on a skateboard, which he used to smash the Prius’ windshield. The motorist drove off but was detained a few blocks away by the LAPD. No one was injured in the incident, according to police.