WATCH: Loeffler says her vision is “American Dream” while Warnock’s is “socialism”

During her closing statement during her debate with Democrat opponent Raphael Warnock, Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler argued her vision for the U.S. is “American Dream” while her opponent’s is “socialism.”

“Well, thank you to everyone who tuned into this important debate. You can see what is at stake,” Loffler began her closing remarks “There are two visions for our country: mine, the American dream, my opponent, socialism. This is what is on the ballot on January 5th — the American dream. I was born and raised on a farm; I grew up working in the fields. I built my career, became a job creator right here in Georgia. I have been blessed to live the American dream.”

She continued “But Chuck Schumer said it best, now we take Georgia, then we change America. They would increase our taxes, open our borders, socialize our health care, and my opponent, radical liberal Raphael Warnock, is his agent of change. Someone that has used the Bible to attack our military, the Bible never said that you cannot serve God and the military. He’s attacked our police officers.”

“He wants to fundamentally change America into a socialist country. We’re not going to let that happen. I’m working hard for every single Georgian,” Loeffler added.