WATCH: Loeffler calls BLM “anti-Semitic” and “an organization that seeks to destroy the American principles”

Per Georgia senator and Atlanta Dream co-owner Kelly Loeffler recently made a series of comments critical of the Black Lives Matter movement, and the WNBA’s inclusion of its message in the league’s attempt to speak out on social justice.

Loeffler has received criticism from numerous WNBA players, and was the subject of discussion on an episode of ESPN’s Hoop Streams. Former Celtics center (and ESPN analyst) Kendrick Perkins had particularly strong words.

“Get out of here,” Perkins said when asked about Loeffler. “Get out of here, straight up. That’s my thought. Because, guess what, if she comes out here publicly and makes that statement, I can only imagine what she said behind closed doors. She’s showing us who she really is.”

The Hill reports Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) doubled down on her stance against Black Lives Matter on Wednesday night, saying that the movement — which was re-galvanized nationwide following the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd at the end of May — is antithetical to American principles.

“[Black Lives Matter] is a very divisive organization based on marxist principles,” Loeffler, who faces a tough special election battle in November, told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham. “This is an organization that seeks to destroy the American principles and I had to draw the line.”

Loeffler also called BLM “anti-Semitic” and claimed that the group is against the “nuclear family.”

The anti-Semitic accusation comes after Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson made an anti-Semitic post on Instagram Tuesday night.

Former NBA player Stephen Jackson, who was close friends with Floyd and has been an outspoken figure in the BLM movement, initially defended Jackson’s post, saying in a now-deleted video, “You know he don’t hate nobody, but he’s speaking the truth of the facts that he knows and trying to educate others.”

Jackson walked his comments back Wednesday night after receiving major backlash.

“As I first stated when I got on here, I could’ve changed my words,” Jackson told CNN. “But there’s nothing that said that I support any of that. There’s nothing that I said that I hate anybody.”

The freshman senator has been at odds with the movement since last week, when she wrote WNBA commissioner Cathy Engelbert saying that the league should not go forward with a plan to have players wear warmups emblazoned with the phrases “Black Lives Matter” and “Say Her Name.”

Loeffler has co-owned the Atlanta Dream, a WNBA’s franchise, since 2011.