WATCH: Lisa Booth demands “disgrace” Biden “step down in shame” in Blistering Critique

In a blistering critique of his handling of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, Lisa Booth demanded President Biden “step down in shame.”

“We do not know how many Americans are left in Afghanistan and if we don’t know, how do we know we’ve gotten them all out?” Booth asked. “How do we know when [the] mission is complete if we don’t know how many Americans are in Afghanistan?”

“This just goes to show you… why former defense secretary Robert Gates said Joe Biden has been wrong about every major foreign-policy issue for the past four decades, witnessing what has unfolded over the past few days and he sits there and lies to all of us by trying to tell us this was ‘unavoidable?’ Joe Biden owns the disaster in Afghanistan from start to finish,” she continued. “Not only did he vote to authorize the war and go to Afghanistan in the first place but he presides over the biggest foreign-policy blunder in our lifetimes leaving Americans behind and such incompetence not even knowing how many Americans are there…also leaving behind military assets.”

“It was avoidable,” Booth added. “The way you could have avoided it is to get the Americans out first and foremost, getting our Afghan allies out and then pulling the troops. Instead, he did backward and you’d have to be a complete moron. He says the buck stops with him? Believe it…that’s why he has gotten everything so wrong and to be honest I think he should step down in shame because he is a disgrace to America and he is a disgrace to the country in the Oval Office to leave Americans behind like that and his administration is going to be a stain on this country and our history.”