WATCH: Lightfoot apologizes to woman whose home was wrongly raided after body cam footage released

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is apologizing to a Chicago woman whose home was erroneously raided in February of 2019.

The footage was made public and the the victim’s lawyer said the city initially tried to block his client, Anjanette Young  from obtaining the video.

The body camera footage showed officers barging in with guns drawn and handcuffing her while she was undressed, later covering her with a blanket.

Lightfoot said “I have an obligation to make that wrong right. It’s been painful, painful and upsetting.”

Young, a social worker, said during a press conference Wednesday “to have to deal with police officers yelling at me, pointing guns at me. No one should have to experience that.”

“I don’t believe it’s fair that the city has spent the last two years telling me that they did nothing wrong,” she added.