WATCH: Liberal PBS Guest Says Lawmakers “Should Be Shot” If They Don’t Enact Policy He Suggests

Steve Scalise, who was literally “shot” by a crazed man, put liberal PBS guest Chris Herstam on blast for suggesting lawmakers “should be shot” if they don’t enact policies he’s advocating on vote by mail.

Scalise wrote “Hard to believe someone would call for violence against officials they disagree with during this crisis.

But that’s what this columnist did—saying the AZ Gov & Legislators “should be shot” if he doesn’t get his way.

This is dangerous & disgraceful. There must be accountability.”


Herstam later apologized on Twitter writing:

In an effort to make a point about the importance of all-mail voting this week in light of COVID-19, I made hyperbolic and inappropriate statements that have no place in political discourse. I apologize for making them.

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